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Black heads are a terrible nuisasnce to your face, and squeezing them only makes things worse! Store bought pore strips are overpriced and only come with a few strips.
The best thing for you to do? Do It Yourself!

How To D.I.Y.


  •  Egg Whites
  •  Toilet Paper


  •  Crack and egg and separate the yolk from the whites, beat the whites in a small bowl
  •  Using a brush or your finger, put a thin coat of the egg whites on your nose or wherever the blackheads are
  •  Break a square of toilet paper into a small rectangle, like the size of a pore strip and put it over your blackheads covering the egg whites that you’ve already put over the area
  • Dab on a little more of the egg whites on the tissue so it’s fully wet
  • 10 Minutes later, or when it’s fully dry peel off the tissue
  • Put on some face lotion or face oil, to help prevent dryness
  • This can be repeated 1-2 times a week